2018 Who Am I? call for Post-Doc

The Who Am I? transdisciplinary Mentoring Program aims at financing innovative and cross-disciplinary post-doctoral project focusing on the identity question and specifically on the Who Am I? scientific axis (1-maintenance and integrity, 2-establishment and transmission, 3-evolution, 4-environement and perception and 5-loss of identity). The 2018 call is now open!

To be eligible, the submitted proposals should enter one of the 3 three following categories: 

Category 1: collaborative project, involving at least two research teams from two different partners of the Labex Who Am I? (unit). Each implicated team should be part of the Who Am I? consortium and must clearly demonstrate the innovative scientific value for their collaboration and their relevance and added value to Who am I?.

Category 2: project led by a single Who Am I? team focusing on one of the priority themes:

i- Maintenance, homeostasis and integrity
ii- Plasticity and changes in identity
iii- Impact of the external environment on identity

Category 3: Proof-of-Concept project: inventive research with potential societal or commercial application.


The deadline to submit the research proposal is the February 21, 2018.

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2018 Post-doc Call

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