Centre for Research on Psychoanalysis, Medicine and Society (EA3522)

The Centre for Research on Psychoanalysis, Medicine and Society (Centre de Recherche Psychanalyse, Medecine et Société) directed by Pr A. Vanier et by Pr. F. Villa as a vice-director is a Research center of the Université Paris Diderot. Interdisciplinarity constitutes one of the main characteristics of this laboratory, as it is composed of 46 scientists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, as well as clinicians, and is strongly integrated in the professional social tissue.

This research center is organized in to 5 main teams :1) Psychoanalysis and Medecine (Prs F. Villa et  B. Golse), 2) Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry (C. Hoffmann), 3) Health Policy and Minorities (Pr. F. Benslama), 4) Interactions of Psychoanalysis (Pr. S. de Mijolla) and 5) Social behaviour and psychoanalytic anthropology (Pr. PL. Assoun).  The teams principally involved in Who am I?  are Teams 1, 3 et 5. and their on-going projects mainly concern: (i) the role of the social group, cultural origin, religion in the relationship between a patient and its disease and treatment; (ii) senescence; and (iii) consequences of disease-induced body modifications (such as grafts) on the self-identification processes.

The progress of research in the natural sciences calls for the necessity of adopting an interdisciplinary approach in examining the process of subjectivation that produces human identity, as the fact that scientific medicine needs to reduce the subject of science to the “body-machine” in no way diminishes the importance and impact of subjectivity and of the subject’s experience of the body – quite the contrary. This is evidenced by the complexity of demands addressed to medicine and to the natural sciences in general, as well as the ever-growing use of psychologists and psychiatrists in the healthcare services. In addition to this, the magic-religious aspect of medicine is strongly present in the adjacent discourses; here, science and scientific medicine, which have now become true phenomena of our civilization and use all their strength to defend statements engendering certain believes, produce and command types of behavior which, though they are founded on hygienist imperatives, are nevertheless mere conjuring acts based on an economy of superstition.

The Who am I? project fits perfectly into the politics of interdisciplinary that has been one of the key axes of this research center since its foundation and has lead it to pursue collaborative work with research teams from related disciplines. 


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  • The challenge of identity transmission

Who Am I? Post-Doctoral Project 2012
Teams: Villa (CRPMS), Weitzman (EDC) and Rude-Antoine (CERSES)

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