Institut Jacques Monod (UMR7592 CNRS & Paris Diderot)

A novel center for basic research in biology in the Paris region: The Institut Jacques Monod (IJM) is a research center funded jointly by the CNRS and the University Paris Diderot (UMR 7592). There are 3 board research topics (Genome and chromosome dynamics, Cellular dynamics and signaling, Development and evolution) and 2 main transverse axes (Quantitative biology and modeling, Molecular and cellular pathologies). Research at the interface of biology with physics, mathematics, chemistry and medicine is strongly encouraged. Some 300 people work at the Institute (tenured investigators, Ph.D. students, post-docs, technicians, engineers, French and foreign visitors, and administrative staff) which is headed by Giuseppe Baldacci, professor at the University of Paris-Diderot. The Institut Jacques Monod is located on the University Paris-Diderot's campus on the Paris Left-Bank.

A vast technological platform: To accompany its research, the Institut Jacques Monod has developed a number of important core facilities, which all offer state-of-the art instrumentation and expertise in the fields of flow cytometry, electron and photonic microscopy, proteomics, quantitative analysis of the transcription products of the genome. Supervised by investigators and highly specialized engineers, the various services on offer have the quadruple vocation of research, service, expertise and transfer of knowledge. Created to provide access to ultramodern technologies, they are open for use by investigators from both the academic and privately-funded research communities.

A teaching mission: The Institut Jacques Monod also plays an active role in teaching. About 50 students of many different nationalities are presently preparing their doctoral theses at the Institut Jacques Monod, and another hundred or so pre- and post-graduate students are welcomed each year in the labs to help introduce them to the world of research. 

Many of the researchers also teach at the University, in accordance with the Institute's strong commitment to transmitting the concepts and techniques of quantitative and mechanistic biology to university students. Several hundreds of scientists have been trained at the Institute or have spent extended periods of study there. Today they work in laboratories around the world and a number of them now head other important research units. Finally, the implication of the members of the Institut Jacques Monod in the dissemination of knowledge is materialized through the organization, each year, of more than a hundred seminars, Monod Diderot Conferences, scientific meetings, specialized symposia and open days. 

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