Complex Matter and Systems (UMR7057 CNRS & Paris Diderot)

The Laboratory of “Matter and Complex Systems” is a research structure of the CNRS and the physics department of the Université Paris-Diderot gathering 65 permanent researchers (theorists and experimentalists), 20 engineers and technicians and more than 50 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The Laboratory is characterised by a focus on interdisciplinarity, associating soft-matter physics and chemistry, hydrodynamics, non-linear physics, biology and bio-medical applications. The groups “Biofluidics” and “Physics of living systems” are members of the Labex “Who I Am?”. They are interested in the understanding of the cell mechanics, the dynamics of information transfer in living systems, and the (bio)physics of embryogenesis. Their members have extensive experience of interdisciplinary work at the border between Mechanics, Biology and Soft Matter Physics from the microscopic to the macroscopic scale. They have developped several experimental methods to quantitatively probe the biophysical behaviour of cells and tissue (nano and micro fabrication, microfluidics, high resolution microscopy, force sensors) and to link their observations with predictive models of living systems. 

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