Call 2013-I (January 2013)

  • In vivo dorso-ventral time-lapse reconstruction of appendage formation in metazoans, applications to regeneration of limb buds in vertebrates

Teams Balavoine/Vervoort (IJM) and Fleury (MSC)
Who am I? research axes: 3-Evolution

  • RNA transport in biomimetic nuclear pores

Teams Auvray (MSC) and C. Dargemont (IJM)
Who am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity

  • Real-time monitoring of GPCR clustering and signaling specificity at the single-molecule level

Teams Jockers (Institut Cochin) and Strick (IJM)
Who am I? research axes: 4- Environment and perception

  • Role of epigenetic modifications in the pathogenesis of liver cancer

Teams Perret (Institut Cochin) and Weitzman (EDC)
Who am I? research axes: 5-Loss of Identity


Call 2013-II (July 2013)


  • Monitoring DNA methylation and transcription changes in Bdnf gene in single living neuronal cells derived from cognitive disorder models 

Teams Chelly (Institut Cochin) and Defossez (EDC)
Who am I? research axes: 5-Loss of Identity

  • Encyclopedia of identity

Teams Villa (CRPMS), Weitzman (EDC) and Orgogozo (IJM)
Who am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity2-Establishment and transmission , 3-Evolution4- Environment and perception5-Loss of Identity.

  • Role of Serum Response Factor as a mediator of mechanotransduction in skeletal muscle homeostasis 

Teams Maire (Institut Cochin) and Hénon (MSC)
Who am I? research axes: 4- Environment and perception

 Interplay of genetic and physical aspects of gastrovascular morphogenesis in the jellyfish, aurelia aurita 

Teams Fleury (MSC) and Vervoort/Balavoine (IJM)
Who am I? research axes: 3-Evolution

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