Call 2015-I (January 2015)

  • Establishment of autonomous peristaltic waves in the developing gut: how muscles create movement and how movement shapes the tissue 

Teams: Gallet (PI: Asnacios, MSC) and Galli (PI: V. Proux, IJM)
Who am I? research axes: 4- Environment and perception

  •   Articulating nature and nurture: Inheritance, heredity and transmission of identity 

Teams: Villa (CRPMS), Orgogozo (IJM) and Gayon (Who Am I? associated team, IHPST)
Who am I? research axes: 2-Establishment and transmission


Call 2015-II (July 2015)

  • Epigenetics and genome dynamics: Biochemical characterization of the H3K9/H3K27 dual lysine histone methyltransferase Ezl1 in Paramecium  

Teams: Duharcourt (IJM) and AIt-Si-Ali (EDC) 
Who am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity

  • Crypt homeostasis in 3D environment and consequences on intestinal differentiation 

Teams: Ladoux/Mège (PI : D. Delacour, IJM) and C. Perret (PI : B. Romagnolo, IC) 
Who am I? research axes: 4- Environment and perception and 2-Establishment and transmission

  • BIOINFRA, Implementation of a local Next Generation Sequencing analysis cloud structure 

Teams: Rougeulle (PI: JF. Ouimette, EDC), Pontoglio (Institut Cochin) and Tufféry (Ressource Parisienne en Bioinformatique Structurale)
Who am I? research axes: all

  • Biophysical and biochemical study of the molecular lipid and protein targets of the amyloid-beta peptide involved in Alzheimer’s disease

Teams: Jockers (Institut Cochin) and Hénon (PI: M. Angelova & M. Seigneuret, MSC)
Who am I? research axes: 5-Loss of Identity

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