• Effect of Alzheimer disease peptide Ab (1-42) on synaptic vesicle fusion: from model to cell membrane 

Teams: F. Gallet (PI: M. Angelova, MSC) and T. Galli (PI : D. Tareste, IJM)
Post-doctoral fellow: Shruti MITTAL (January 2016-2018)
Who am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity & 5-Loss of identity

  • Investigating biological variability 

Teams: V. Fleury (PI: S. Douady, MSC), A. Lindner (TaMaRa) and J. Gayon (IHPST, Who Am I? associated team)
Post-doctoral fellow: Maël MONTEVIL (March 2015-2017)
Who am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity2-Etablishment and transmission & 5-Loss of identity

  • Role of Serum Response Factor as a mediator of mechanotransduction in skeletal muscle

Equipes F. Gallet (PI: S. Hénon, MSC) et A. Sotiropoulos & P. Maire (Institut Cochin)
Post-doctorant : A. PINCINI (Juin 2015-Mai 2016)
Who am I? research axes: 2-Etablishment and transmission

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