• Live imaging and modeling of cell movements during central nervous system morphogenesis in the annelid Platynereis dumerilii

Teams: Balavoine/Vervoort (IJM) and Fleury (MSC)
Who am I? research axes: 3-Evolution

  • Real-time monitoring of GPCR clustering and signaling specificity at the single-molecule level

Teams: Jockers (Institut Cochin) and Strick (IJM)
Who am I? research axes: 4-Environment and perception

  • Role of Serum Response Factor (SRF) as a mediator of mechanotransduction in skeletal muscle

Teams: Maire (Institut Cochin) and Hénon (MSC)
Who am I? research axes: 4-Environment and perception

  • Paleoepigenomics: a new vision on the relationships between evolution, genome, morphological and physiological adaptations

Teams: Grange/Geigl (IJM), Orgogozo (IJM) and Fleury (MSC)
Who am I? research axes: 3-Evolution

  • The influence of epigenome transmission on the establishment of cultural legacy

Teams: Villa (CRPMS), Weitzman (EDC) and Rude-Antoine (CERSES)
Who am I? research axes: 

  •  High spatio-temporal resolution study of nuclear mRNPs, from biogenesis to export

Teams : Dargemont (IJM), Hersen (MSC) and Salamero/Kervrann (associated team, Institut Curie-INRIA)
Who am I? research axes: 1-Maintenance and integrity

  • The factors that define muscle cell identity: epigenetics of myogenesis

Teams: Maire (Institut Cochin) and Defossez (EDC)
Who am I? research axes: 
2-Etablishement and transmission

  • Implication of the cell-to-cell phenotypic variability in the modulation of mutations rate

Teams : Matic (TAMARA) and Strick (IJM)
Who am I? research axes:
 2-Etablishement and transmission

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