The ambition of Who am I? is to create an inter-disciplinary environment to feed innovative research, to catalyze the exchange of ideas and to offer inter-disciplinary training to young researchers. As such, Who am I? has been designed and developed as a large networking structure in which exploratory and collaborative research is encouraged by a funding distribution scheme based on internal calls for interdisciplinary and collaborative proposals.

  • Transdisciplinary Mentoring Program for international, cross-disciplinary postdoctoral funding. Who am I? plans to support a total of 28 postdoctoral fellows, selected on an annual basis with a preference for high-risk collaborative projects spanning different disciplines.
  • International Graduate Program. Who am I? plans to offer International PhD Fellowships, specifically designed to attract foreign students and candidates who are willing to engage in thematic mobility. A total of 25 PhD students will be supported.
  • Supporting Emerging teams. Who am I? ambitions to attract and maintain world-class, emerging teams by providing them equivalent of an internationally competitive ‘start-up’ package. One team per year will be funded.
  • Collaborative Research Projects. Two yearly calls will be organized to fund innovative, interdisciplinary research projects that involve new collaborations between partner teams. This funding will serve as catalyst to generate exciting preliminary data for subsequent ANR or EU applications.
  • Proofs-Of-Concept Grants. To facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technologies, Who am I? will finance Proof-of-Concept studies and encourage translational research with strong innovation potential. 2 projects will be funded per year.

Other activities include: Annual Labex Scientific Meetings that will be organized to present results of the funded projects, and define the annual scientific objectives, Visiting professor programme which finances mini-sabbaticals for internationally-recognized researchers in our partner laboratories, Seminar Series chaired by a scientific journalist with the objectives to engage the public in the Who am I? question, IP Training to inform the Labex staff on patent applications, intellectual property, MTAs, etc.

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